Twisted and corrupted by greed and hate, Vasgerax, formerly known as Arkha Disgae, have gathered dark cults and brotherhoods from around the land, rallying them together for his cause: bringing pain, decay and horror to the land of Deiranar, leading them all to serving one power, one entity. This entity reveals itself only in the form of the Soul Orb of Xakh’Raah, the Spectre of Chaos. A being pure darkness, he praises men and women who let their hatred take control of them and who face death in the eye with a grin. By Vasgerax’s rule and the power of Xakh’Raah, the armies of Disgeran know no fear, no retreat and no mercy. Some even let themselves revel in the rush of combat so much, that their mind and body change forever, as Vasgerax has allowed to happen to his own, being a horrifying and dark appearance of his former self. His legions shall raid, control and destroy, and should he succeed, Deiranar will be reduced to nothing but a dark, hellhole.



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