Realms of War holds many different factions, each with different culture, powers and background. Each of these factions can be joined by players to fight for. Serving a faction for a set amount of time and bringing in a number of victories will allow for special benefits to be earned by the players or the faction as a whole.

Player FactionsEdit

Scaravus Leongarde Firanos
Scaravus Leongarde Firanos
Archeos Aeregos Disgeran
Archeos Aeregos Disgeran

Non Player FactionsEdit


Detailed featuresEdit


Each faction has a set amount of power, which is based off of multiple things.

First and foremost, a faction's power will be determined by the number of provinces they have under their control. Each province will give a set amount of power, which will be substracted again when the province is lost.

Secondly, a faction will earn power by victories or other player actions. Depending on what victory or what player action, a faction will be awarded an amount of power, which cannot be reduced, safe by sabotage.

Sabotage as mentioned can be utilised by one faction to reduce the amount of power of another faction. For more details on sabotage missions. See the player actions.


When a faction reaches a set amount of Power, that faction will raise in reknown rank. The reknown rank of a faction determines its minimum Power amount, meaning that higher reknown will result in a smaller chance of losing Reknown to sabotage. Reknown can also grant the faction unique benefits.


If a faction falls, meaning that its capital has been conquered, they will lose all their provinces and they will be out of the game. The players of the faction can choose between joining another faction and start from zero, or become renegades. More info about this can be found under Player Characters.